Fire Marshal Training

Fire Marshal Training

Fire Warden / Marshal Training in Coventry, Leicestershire, Warwickshire, and Birmingham areas

The fire marshal or fire warden within your business have a number of responsibilities. They will be involved in fire drills and real evacuations and they may also carry out visual fire checks, give fire inductions to staff and keep log books updated. They will need the ability to use fire extinguishers safely and correctly and, for that reason, a good level of fire safety training and awareness is essential for every person working in any building or organisation.

Firestop Midlands will provide a wealth of experience to tailor a fire safety training session, or basic refresher courses that will build your fire warden's confidence and vastly increase fire safety awareness for your company.

Courses include:

  • Basic awareness of fire hazards
  • The fire triangle
  • Colour coding of fire extinguishers
  • Which fire extinguisher to use
  • Evacuating your staff-Policies and procedures
  • Practical use of fire extinguishers (all types)
  • Mini-exam
  • Individual certificates provided

To discover more about fire marshal training for your staff members, get in touch today.  

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Different industries present different fire risks, and all commercial premises will have unique requirements for fire safety. You can trust the team at Firestop Midlands to advise you as to the right extinguisher for your needs, so contact us today to begin your enquiry and take the first step towards improving fire safety at your premises in Coventry, Hinckley, Rugby and Warwickshire.

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